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Growing up, my summers spent up north at my grandparents' cottage near Edmore Beach, Ontario, Canada, have had a profound impact on my artistic journey. Cherished memories of walking along the sandy shores of Georgian Bay still hold a special place in my heart and continue to inspire my artwork. The gentle sway of ancient pines, the distant cry of crows, ever-changing sunsets and the heady aroma of campfires and morning coffee all contribute to the essence of my paintings. Through my art, I hope to convey these experiences and allow viewers to feel the beauty that surrounds us. As a landscape painter, I find immense joy in exploring as well as interpreting the colours, textures and forms found in nature. This constant inspiration fuels my artistic imagination and sparks my love for painting, allowing me to convey not only the visual aspects but also the emotions, nostalgia and spirit of a particular location, a specific moment, or a fleeting impression. I love when the right combination of mood, memory, expression and colour start to unfold on the canvas! 

For many years, I've had the pleasure and privilege of painting commissioned works of art. As an artist, I absolutely love the thrill and satisfaction that comes with creating custom work for my clients. There's something very special about bringing their visions to life on canvas and witnessing joy when the final piece is revealed. It's incredibly rewarding to know that my art has the power to evoke emotions and make a meaningful impact in someone's life. Commissioned work not only allows me to showcase my paintings but provides me the opportunity to build new, long-lasting relationships. 


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